Welcome, my name is Roy Rodenstein and I love helping entrepreneurs. With this blog I aim to share what I've learned to help others start, and win. My hope is to develop how2startup into a wiki for the startup community.

Upcoming Topics on how2startup

February 25th, 2010    Share

Word seems to be trickling out about this blog so I guess I better get it in gear!

As part of the open nature of how2startup, I wanted to share some of the topics I am slating for upcoming posts. I’d like to leverage an embeddable voting widget to let people suggest new topics and vote these up/down (considered UserVoice but their price ramp is pretty steep) but that will come later. For now, some topics I am mulling or feel I have an opinion on worth sharing:

  • Fundraising
    • Angels, VCs, and Vangelis (yes that is my working title, no do not steal it)
    • FAQ: “When is the right time to talk to VCs?”
    • how to pitch, what to expect, how to prepare
  • Founding
  • Customer Development
    • Getting feedback on your startup: when, why and how
  • Marketing
    • Customer acqusition, conversion funnels, viral loops
    • Matt Brezina’s 4-metric view of customer acquisition
  • People
    • Inefficiencies in networking, contacts, job matching
    • Recruting for startups, guerrilla techniques
    • How to meet the people you want to meet
    • Are 3 heads better than 2? Decision-making at startups
  • Local
    • Lessons from the trenches at Going
    • Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and precursors
  • Resources
    • Bloggers to follow, entrepreneurs/angels/VCs to meet, funding sources, coworking, etc.
  • Grab Bag
    • Who’s using Twitter
    • Why Mark Weiser would heart the iPad

As always, comments, suggestions, requests are most welcome. Now I have some writing to do…

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About how2startup

February 17th, 2010    Share

I’ve been an entrepreneur, in one capacity or another, for over 15 years. I’ve been fortunate to develop a network of fellow entrepreneurs (David Cancel, Nabeel Hyatt, Andy Payne …), co-founders (Rebecca Xiong, Geoff Menegay), board members (George Bell, Bob Davis, John Pleasants …), advisors (Coach Wei, Eric Silberstein …), team members (Brian Morgan, Dr. Raymond Lau, Evan Schumacher …) among myriad others that has helped me learn, question and grow.

I have advised dozens of fellow entrepreneurs starting out, and have always found it very rewarding (and, I’m told, usually helpful to them as well). Now that AOL has acquired Going and I’ve had some time to reflect, I’m very excited to begin sharing some of what I’ve learned -face plants, sweet successes, the whole gamut- with a broader community.

how2startup is just getting going but I hope to make it a real resource and community for entrepreneurs, collecting a lot of knowledge and tools that are dispersed by the sharp bloggers out there and doing what I can to further innovation, creativity and more people taking the bold leap that is, as David Cancel puts it, “making something from nothing.” Please join me there.

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