Welcome, my name is Roy Rodenstein and I love helping entrepreneurs. With this blog I aim to share what I've learned to help others start, and win. My hope is to develop how2startup into a wiki for the startup community.

Upcoming Topics on how2startup

February 25th, 2010    Share

Word seems to be trickling out about this blog so I guess I better get it in gear!

As part of the open nature of how2startup, I wanted to share some of the topics I am slating for upcoming posts. I’d like to leverage an embeddable voting widget to let people suggest new topics and vote these up/down (considered UserVoice but their price ramp is pretty steep) but that will come later. For now, some topics I am mulling or feel I have an opinion on worth sharing:

  • Fundraising
    • Angels, VCs, and Vangelis (yes that is my working title, no do not steal it)
    • FAQ: “When is the right time to talk to VCs?”
    • how to pitch, what to expect, how to prepare
  • Founding
  • Customer Development
    • Getting feedback on your startup: when, why and how
  • Marketing
    • Customer acqusition, conversion funnels, viral loops
    • Matt Brezina’s 4-metric view of customer acquisition
  • People
    • Inefficiencies in networking, contacts, job matching
    • Recruting for startups, guerrilla techniques
    • How to meet the people you want to meet
    • Are 3 heads better than 2? Decision-making at startups
  • Local
    • Lessons from the trenches at Going
    • Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and precursors
  • Resources
    • Bloggers to follow, entrepreneurs/angels/VCs to meet, funding sources, coworking, etc.
  • Grab Bag
    • Who’s using Twitter
    • Why Mark Weiser would heart the iPad

As always, comments, suggestions, requests are most welcome. Now I have some writing to do…

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  • brezina

    Hey Roy – would love to hear your thoughts on my 4 metrics of user acquisition. It is something i've been thinking a lot about over the past year. It'd be great to get feedback from people on how well it applies to their businesses.

  • Hey Matt, absolutely, I think it is relevant to more/less degree to different businesses. But what I think is broadly applicable is the very analytical approach you (and some others) take, nice to see a real-world example in a growing startup. Will ping ya when I write that one up, hopefully soon 🙂

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